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Discovery of Pragmatic Safety Management System Effectiveness Metrics Berkshop

Peder Sather Center, University of California Berkeley
01.07.2018 - 01.07.2019
Studio Apertura
The first international workshop of managing infrastructure safety and reliability was arranged in February 2016. It focused on state-of-the-art and emerging approaches for delineating operational bandwidths with respect to safety and reliability for large, interconnected sociotechnical systems. A result of the first workshop was the Special Issue in the journal Safety Science about Societal Safety, Critical Infrastructure Reliability and related Intersectoral Governance, about to be published. In the extension of the first workshop and the Special Issue, the Peder Sather Center contributes financially to a second workshop.​ A second workshop in February 2019 is devoted to exchange ideas about, and potentially unite, research topics, problems and solutions related to organizational and societal safety and security. NTNU Social Research manages the Norwegian part of the project. Our project partners are University of California, NTNU, UiS and SINTEF Digital.​