NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS operates as a limited company, structured into six specialized research departments. Each department is headed by a Research Director, responsible for research, finances and personnel within their department. The research institute's management team consists of the CEO and Research Directors. NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS has a centralized administrative unit that provides staff and support services for the ongoing operation and development of the organization.

Management team

The board

Decisions of principal importance to NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS are made by our Board, in accordance with Norwegian law, the company's articles of association and other governing documents. The company's ownership exerts its influence through the General Assembly, in accordance with Provisions of the Norwegian Companies Act. As the company's highest authority, the General Assembly addresses issues mandated by the Companies Act and the company's articles of association. It is further responsible for electing the Board and its chairman. The Board serves as the pinnacle of executive decision-making within the company, and can only be overridden by the owners through the General Assembly. NTNU is the sole owner of NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS, and consequently constitutes the company's General Assembly.

The current Board of NTNU Samfunnsforskning consists of the following members:


Anne Borg
Professor and former Rector, NTNU

Board members:

Sigurd Eriksson
Chief Librarian, NTNU University Library

Else Berit Skagen
Rector, Queen Maud's Memorial College

Ingrid Skjøtskift
Head of Communications, Fremtidens Industri

Knut Aspås
Division Director, Rector's Staff, NTNU

Employee representatives on the board: 

The Board. At the back CEO Roger Lian, Sigurd Eriksson, Jostein Mårdalen and Christian Wendelborg. In front: Gudveig Gjøsund, Else Berit Skagen, Arvid Hallén and Kjerstin Spjøtvoll

Deputy members: