Avsluttet prosjekt


Norges Forskningsråd
02.01.2009 - 10.10.2011
Studio Apertura
​The MOSCITO (Mobilizing Social Capital in global ICT based organizations) project will generate new empirical insights and accumulate evidence as to how organizations operating on an international scene can use different communication technologies to develop, maintain and utilize social capital. Within organizational studies, the concept of social capital — referring to the actual and potential resources embedded within, available through, and derived from the network of relationships possessed by an individual or social unit — has proven useful for understanding the functioning and success of organizations, groups and individual employees. Although hierarchical organizational structures are important and necessary, employees’ informal communication and relations are increasingly emphasized as central to different aspects of an organization’s performance. Recognizing the importance of ICTs in supporting social relations within and across organizational boundaries, as well as the ongoing evolution of an ever-growing range of different technologies, the MOSCITO project seeks to learn how communication and cooperation by means of ICTs may facilitate social capital processes in organizations. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway, and will be executed in close cooperation with our business partners Telenor andStatoil, as well as several European and US research partners. The empirical foundation for the project is a number of case studies in a diverse set of organizational configurations, ranging from hierarchically structured units in large, multi-national corporations to a cluster of small businesses. These entail both qualitative and quantitative methods to capture the different dimensions of social capital. For further information, please contact the project coordinator at Studio Apertura Tonje Osmundsen. ​