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The Next Disaster

Norges forskningsråd
01.01.2014 - 30.06.2017
Studio Apertura
The Next Disaster (NEXUS) is a project that focusses on the learning processes after the July 22th terror and investigations of this. The project traces how insights and proposed actions are translated into concrete actions and initiatives on different levels in the public sector, in particular to what extent they have led to changes on the county and municipal level. More generally we will study how learning from one type of incidents can improve our ability to be prepared also for other incidents. This requires not only learning in the sense as knowing and understanding, but also in the sense that the insights lead to changes in the way one is organized and works with risk and emergency preparedness. NEXUS is a collaborative project with SINTEF, Safetec, NTNU and NTNU Social Research as partners. NEXUS Homepage