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Facilitating sensemaking processes and resilient capabilities in risk management

Center for integrated operations in the petroleum industry
01.01.2012 - 31.12.2014
Studio Apertura
This project is a work package in the project IO 3 – Proactive management of safety and environment at the Center for Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry (project leader: Lars Bodsberg, SINTEF). The objective of the project is to develop guidance and training concepts that facilitate 1) sense-making of risk-related information and 2) the capabilities of multidisciplinary teams to avoid and deal with expected as well as unexpected events during operations. The initial aim of the case study is to identify criteria for safe operation, i.e. what are the factors that generate safety. These criteria will be applied to develop training concepts and leading safety performance indicators. The WP consists of three interwoven steps: Identify the factors that generate safe working processes in different cases, i.e. identify the criteria that generate and facilitate resilient work practices in different cases Develop, carry out and calibrate training programs (guidelines and training concepts for experience transfer and high quality team work) to maintain and improve resilient abilities in different cases. The activity will be based on work on collective learning in program 1 in phase 1. Field testing: Evaluate the effects of training programs by developing and applying by a set of indicators leading safety performance indicators. Research questions: What are the factors (technological, operational and organizational) that creates safe working processes in different cases. How can these factors be facilitated in an IO environment? How can multidisciplinary teams in an IO environment be trained to improve their capabilities to make sense of risk related information and improve their resilient capability to avoid and deal with expected as well as unexpected events during operations? How can a set of performance indicators measuring what promotes safety rather then things that go wrong be established and applied?