Avsluttet prosjekt

Safety culture in private and professional transport: examining its influence on behaviours and implications for interventions

Transportøkonomisk institutt
04.01.2016 - 28.12.2018
Studio Apertura

​Background & policy context:

It is widely recognised that safety culture is important for safety in organisational settings in hazardous industries, and this project examines the utility of the perspective in road and sea transport. The project has chosen Greece for comparison since data show that Greece has a very poor transport safety record in relation to most other EU countries.


This project aims at comparison of users of cars, powered two-wheelers, leisure boats, HGVs, buses and short sea cargo and ferry crew members in different contexts in Norway. It also compares safety culture in different transport modes and social contexts between Norway and Greece.

The main aims of the project are to examine the influence of culture on transport safety behaviour in private and professional road and sea transport, and to clarify implications for safety intervention strategies.​