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Digital Oil (DOIL)

Norges forskningsråd
01.01.2012 - 31.12.2015
Studio Apertura

​Oil and gas activities generate vast amounts of data in different formats, time-scales and granularity throughout the lifecycle of an oil and gas well. The Digital oil (Doil) project proposal addresses the challenging research issue and pressing practical and economic concern of how to exploit the potential of ICT to obtain a sufficient overview of the subsea well to operate them in an efficient and safe manner. Doil targets the sub-surface community of geo-sciences (geologists, reservoir engineers, production engineers andgeophysicists) and identifies (i) tactics for trusting sensor-based information, (ii) user-driven heuristics for generating overviews of the well lifecycle and (iii) a demonstrator for situated search of the full well lifecycle.

Doil is organised around a mature research network with extensive experience with interactive modes of research with the full array of external partners (oil and gas companies, oil service companies and ICT vendors). A comprehensive international network covering relevant areas of Doil is involved.