Øyvind Mejdell Jakobsen

Øyvind Mejdell Jakobsen is a Senior Researcher and Research Manager at Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Space (CIRiS) at NTNU Social Research in Norway. His formal educational background lies within life sciences and chemical engineering (MSc), with a PhD in biotechnology.

Previous experience includes contract research within the topics of biochemical engineering, genetic engineering and systems biology. Additionally, Jakobsen was for several years involved in the agriculture industry sector, facilitating research and development through close cooperation between industry and research institutions, including startup of an innovation program for the agriculture sector.

Research area

At CIRiS, Jakobsen works on bioregenerative Life Support Systems, combining biology and technology towards new concepts, know-how and solutions for both human spaceflight and Earth applications. Within Life Support Systems and technology development, special emphasis is put on closed-loop hydroponic cultivation of higher plants in a human spaceflight context. This opens up to substantial co-activity towards related Earth applications including improved resource utilization, and monitoring and control of closed food production systems. R&D projects span from international multi-partner activities on Life Support Systems funded by the European Space Agency and Horizon2020, to regionally funded collaboration with industry partners within the aquaculture and agriculture industry.

In addition to the R&D activity, outreach activities especially towards children and students are adding up, motivated by the potential of space research to inspire the coming generation of engineers and scientists, illustrating for example how biology and technology can be combined for improved solutions for tomorrow’s food production in Space and on Earth.