Studio Apertura

A department at NTNU Social research

About us

Studio Apertura researches organizations. The central goal is to develop new and research-based knowledge about organizations' challenges and opportunities, in a time marked by technological development, major changes and restructuring.

Apertura is Latin, and means opening. The name has been chosen because the department's ambition is to have open channels between theory and practice.

Studio Apertura wants to develop collaboration between academia and the business community, through professional development and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The major changes society is undergoing mean that social security and emergency preparedness in particular are an important focus area for Studio Apertura. Here, research on the organization of society to avoid undesirable events is central.

Other important research arenas and areas Studio Apertura works within are the energy industry and the green shift, new opportunities for resource utilization of the sea after oil, and organization and innovation in health and welfare.

The starting point for today's activities was a five-year research initiative - Program for applied coordination technology - PACT (1993-1997), funded and initiated by Statoil, with Telenor as a partner. Studio Apertura was established as a separate research unit in 1998.

Much of the research takes place in close connection with the field of practice. Practical research provides a basis for master's and doctoral studies. It is very important for Studio Apertura to include students in the daily research activity.

NTNU Social Research's department Studio Apertura is a relevant and important organizational research environment nationally and internationally, and useful and relevant to its partners. The department is also able to shift the research field and contributes to theoretical development.

The department consists of researchers with a background in various social sciences, technology, informatics and the humanities.

Head of department:

NTNU Samfunnsforsknings (main building)
Dragvoll Allé 38 B, 7491 Trondheim