Center for Economic Research

A department at NTNU Social research

About us

The purpose of the Center for Economic Research (SØF) is to offer clients research-based knowledge within economic subject areas, and to contribute to scientific publication within the same subject areas.

The academic environments at NTNU are often a starting point and through the collaboration with Samfunns- og næringslivsforskning AS, originating from the Bergen School of Business, the connection between the economic academic environments in the two cities is strengthened.

The department's primary research areas are public and municipal finance, education and the labor market, taxation, and economic monitoring. Within these disciplines, SØF has particular expertise in the use of quantitative methods.

The department's clients include the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization, the Ministry of Education, KS (the municipal sector's interest and employer organization), Norges Bank and the Directorate of Education.

The establishment of SØF in 2003 was justified by a desire to strengthen the externally funded activities at the NTNU Department of Economics. SØF has been co-located with the Institute of Economics since its establishment, and close collaboration is considered an important success factor. SØF also has project collaborations with other departments in NTNU Social Research and other research institutes in Norway and internationally.

SØF became part of NTNU Social Research in the spring of 2020, through a merger that has given the department academic synergies.

Head of department:

Center for Economic Research (SØF)
Campus Elgeseter (Adolf Øien-building),
Klæbuveien 72, 7030 Trondheim