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Petter Almklov

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A221, Samfunnshuset, Dragvoll

I work on a variety of topics on the intersections between organization, professional practice and technology. I am particularly interested in objectification, standardization and measurement in society in general, and particularly in scientific and organizational discourses. 
I have both an engineering-degree (engineering geology) and a degree in organizational anthropology. I am particularly interested in epistemology, representation of work and knowledge and the relationship between practices and technologies in this respect. I am involved in a wide diversity of projects operationalizing these interests into topics such as: societal safety, ‘new public management’ and regulative rationalities, proceduralization and contracts versus professional competence, representation and technology in high-tech contexts, the relationship between technology (ICT), organization and situated practice.
I have a varied research experience from several public and private sectors including petroleum, maritime regulators and shipping, municipalities, child welfare services, emergency management (on national, regional and municipal level), critical infrastructures (electricity, ICT, transportation, water supply), the police and justice sector generally, fire and rescue services, aquaculture, space research control rooms, health.
Currently I am co-editor of a special issue in Safety Science on societal safety, together with Emery Roe, Stian Antonsen and Kristine Størkersen.
I did my PhD in Social Anthropology on work practices in subsurface departments in the petroleum industry. How people using advanced technologies are able to construct ideas and models of what the world looks like thousands of meters below the ocean floor. The last years I have particularly studied the epistemology of subsurface models and the implications of this for Integrated Operations. This work is continued in the new project Digital Oil. This project specifically focuses on management and use of well-data. 

Within the safety field, I am particularly interested in organizational and regulatory issues pertaining to societal safety. Within this area I have studied how New Public Management has affected the reliability of critical infrastructures, changes in the public sector (police, emergency management etc) after the terror attacks 22th of July 2011, the organization of Fire and Rescue services and municipal emergency management. I have also conducted several research projects on transport safety and regulation of HSE in the petroleum sector. I also contributed to the follow-up research and internal evaluation after Statoil’s Snorre A blow out.

In the 
CUFF project we conduct a comprehensive study of objectification, standardization and measurement in social life. Our case study is of the child welfare services in Norway. This is our contribution to a large international project attempting to build an interdisciplinary understanding of these phenomena. 

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